jan 28 2008


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Lançado o Tweetmeme, que agrega as postagens do Twitter, categoriza, divide em tópicos gerais como blogs, vídeo, imagens. As postagens e links que se repetem vão mostrando os conteúdos mais influentes. Distribui por rss 🙂

A mensagem de lançamento no blog do tweetmeme:

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new service tweetmeme. I have started using twitter a lot more recently to find out what is ‘going on’ and many people who I had discussed twitter with were saying the same thing. What I believed was missing was a way to spot content that is posted on twitter and work out what is popular.

Thus tweetmeme was born, put simply it watches what is going on within twitter and picks up anyone posting links to content. We then track how many other mentions of the same content are made (and how influential they are.) and present them in a simple format.

And because the content that is posted on twitter is of a very wide content we also broadly categorize it, these are broken down into blogs / video / images / audio.

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Uma Resposta para “Tweetmeme”

  1. Gabriela says:

    O Tweetmeme é um mashup interessante. E, para mim, já virou parada obrigatória diária para descobrir novos links sobre Twitter 🙂 (aproveitando o fato de que o pessoal do Twitter fala muito sobre o próprio Twitter)