jul 12 2003

Sebastian Fiedler

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Venho lendo, faz um bom tempo, os escritos de Sebastian Fiedler no Seblogging. São textos muito interessantes e que abordam os assuntos referentes aos weblogs e outras publicações digitais semelhantes a partir de um ponto de vista realmente educacional.

Hoje criei coragem, me inscrevi no site e deixei lá um misto de apresentação/considerações/etc:

Dear Sebastian

My answer is yes, I think that this is a notion that merits further thought and discussion. I’m a brazilian teacher, blogging in portuguese and many times I have problems with the language. The construction of a language about weblogs and webpublishing were being done (is it right? forgive my english, please) in english. Its hard to find words to say all this things in portuguese.
I come here to write to you because, for many months, I was reading your weblog and I think it was one of the best sites about learning and education. I’m studing for master degree in education at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (www.ufrgs.br) and my theme of research is the introduction of technology in the work of the teachers. How could weblogs work in the insertion of technology in teacher’s work? It is one of my questions.
Here in Brazil are no studies about that and our teachers use almost none technology in their academic work. Only email and Microsoft Word. I’m teaching how to use weblogs and others technologies to colegues in a project in the university.This project is in the beggining. I teach while I was learning how all of this process happen and how they introduce the tecnology in their work. I think weblogs can motivate teachers to use educational technologies in their work.
By other side, I live in a Country that needs a lot of work to keep alive in this global world. We have to choose ways to work with autonomy and I think weblogs and others free and easy tools can help us. A teacher can build his/her own learning environment without need university support, pay anithing, … Free to teach and learn anywhere he/she have a connection, if I can explain it. Well, this is not a romance 🙂 Keep on writing and a hug from the south of Brazil.


Coloquei as urls do [zaptlogs] edo [bloglab]. Ou seja, larguei no mundo. Não posso esperar escrever melhor em inglês ou que eles aprendam outra linguagem para fazer isso. Não há tempo. As coisas estão acontecendo agora.

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